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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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if you're going to use can bass cannibas in if hospital we're going to call the feds. >> a woman denied care at a bay area hospital. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. quit or get out. that's what a dying patient says
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nurses told her about using medical marijuana inside a local hospital. the ultimatum is sparking new debate and just as she shared her story with us she suffered a medical emergency forcing doctors to make a quick decision. nbc bay area my cheryl is live with her story. >> doctors here had to make a quick decision. the patient who relies on medical marijuana says she was kicked out of the hospital today and says it was a life or death situation. hospital officials say they had no other choice. >> when the pharmacist says you're not allowed to have cannibis in the hospital we're calling the feds. >> angel talked to us outside the ucsf medical center moments after she said she was kicked out for using cannibis predescribed to her by her doctors. >> i asked him, you're tell egg me not to use this and if i stay it's like giving me a death
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sentence because i would have to be without it. >> she checked into the hospital early on monday for doctor-ordered tests on her brain. she suffers from chronic pain and she had an inoperable brain tumor and seizures. doctors don't give her long to live. >> i'm in a state hospital in the state of california, and i have the right to have the same medical care any other patient does. and she says, well, we'll have to ask you to leave if you're not going to not use your cannibis. >> the fight for medical marijuana. she's the medical patient that went to the urs supreme court in 2004 and 2005 to fight for the right to use medical marijuana. >> it makes me feel really terrible because not only am i dying, you know, but i can't have the can. -- c achlcannibis.
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she tried to tell me what the law was and then i told her i know because i made the law. >> she appeared to have a seizure. >> we called 911 for help. when the fire department and paramedics arrived they took her to st. mary's hospital. ray said she refused to go back into the hospital because of that. this is the hospital they kicked her out. i talked to her about 15 minutes ago and he said she was relieved and she's okay. the hospital did release a statement late tonight. it says that ucfsf is a smoke-free campus including medical marijuana. even a vaporized form of medical remarijuana, any damage from vapor or odor could have an impact on other patients or hospital employees. reporting live in san francisco,
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i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. afd domestic violence abuse group is applauding the sense for the san francisco sheriff. the district attorney dropped the original charges but in exchange the sheriff received thee years probation, mandatory domestic violence classes and community service. as for keeping his job, that's still in question. we're live at san francisco city hall where the mayor is debating that issue right now. >> janelle, the mayor did not take official action against the sheriff while he was fighting the criminal charges filed against him. now the mayor says the sheriff's guilty plea gives him something new to consider. >> the sentencing elements, all of the things are really what you see in a domestic violence case. >> domestic violence victim advocate, kathy black, says that the justice system worked. the sheriff pled guilty to a
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misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment and agreed to three years probation. 100 hours community service, 52 weeks of domestic violence classes. a $400 domestic fine and parents or family counseling and issue a public apology to witness ivory madison and her family. he said that apology will convince other witnesses to speak up. >> it's okay to come forward and get some help and it won't be ignored. >> the case started when his wife told the neighbor that the sheriff had bruised her arm during an argument on new year's day and the pair videotaped the injury. a stay-away order are keeping the two apart. her attorney says her client is eager to be reunited with her husband. >> mrs. lopez is grateful that this stressful public spectacle will soon be over and she and her family can heal. >> as the criminal case wraps up, all eyes are on city hall.
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player ed lee has to decide if this should be a official charge and if so, that could be a problem with his charge. >> i have to focus. there's been a plea and an admission of guilt and i've got to go forward with that assessment. >> he'll be formally sentenced on monday. he said he'll make his decision after that sentencing hearing. >> well, get out the umbrella. rain is already making its way into the bay area, along with strong winds. meteorologist rob mayeda is in the weather center with details for your morning commute. >> the winds throughout the evening. now rain has started to show up on the radar in the santa cruz mountains. on the doppler radar ew, the highway 17 summitt near santa cruz where the moisture is rising over the mountains. you can see the rain and the satellite radar view.
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heavy rain lurking on the north coast which will make a bee line into the north bad tomorrow morning so you'll hear the wind tonight. gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour and heaviest rain north bay so we can see two to three inches tomorrow so plan on that. would we'll walk you through the timing of that in our seven-day forecast in a few. on to the shooting rampage in afghanistan. defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians could face the death penalty. the reports are that the soldier recently suffered a head injury in a vehicle accident and we learned the 38 yooefrld army staff sergeant is a trained sniper. most of the people he's accused of killing are women and children. >> we, the american people who love and support our country, are now being viewed as
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supporting war crimes. and cooperative with military forces. >> the massacre has sparked outrage here in the bay area and around the world prompting a candlelight vigil at uc berkeley. everything i thought, we need to try a different tactic. what we're doing is not helping. people are dying day by day. >> the taliban has called for revenge. the secretary of sentence says the uls must resist pressure from washington and kabul to change course in afghanistan because of the anti-american outrage over the shootings. back home, take a good look. livermore police want you to see these eburglaries. it happened between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on saturday. two businesses in the industrial area of east livermore on contractor street. investigators say they stole
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computers, printers and other electronics. if you have information about the burglaries you're asked to call liver more pd. the city will receive a record-breaking $70 million payment for the pipeline explosion. it will be used to help the community heal and rebuild. on the heels of the announcement, the california public utilities commission released a report on the utility alleged record-keeping failure. they say pg & e does not know the location of reutesed pipe, the number of leaks, pressure information and other information critical to pupline safety. >> how can you possibly be keeping the pipeline sfaf you don't know what pipelines are made of. where they are or how old they are? we're concerned about every inch of pg&e's territory. >> this is part of the investigate into whether the record-keeping was unsafe, violated the law and whether it
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caused or contributed to the they san bruno disaster. criminals target bun particular store aisle. why they are stealing laundry detergent and what they were all getting in return. captivating the yiej conversation. bay area startup is a fastest dproeing website in history and it's the secret that millions of women are sharing. and a feeding frenzy. too close to shore. the unbelievable video that for forced a popular vacation destination to shut down. winds are picking soup hopefully you brought in the lawn furniture. winds picking up to 30 miles an hour and rain already showing up around the bay area. what it means for your m m m mot utut thehe r resof the stormy bay area !
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a trip to hawaii turned into tragedy for a bay area woman after she was swept into the ocean while crossing a rain swollen stream. george is live in sunnyvale with more on that, george? >> we talked to her family and they told me they're not ready to talk on camera as they're still coping with the loss. she's the third person from the bay area in the last eight months to die while vacations in hawaii. she was trying to cross a stream on the island on saturday when she fell in and was carried into the ocean. this is youtube video showing the area where she was hiking. heavy rain a few days ago sent
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the water level rising making conditions treacherous. >> there's no place for the rain to go so it's making the ocean very turbulent and when people try to cross some of these river path ways while they're hiking it can be very, very dangerous. >> she was a spiritual teacher, a group dedicated to spiritual development and she was there for the group's conference and arrived early to explore the island. a travel boat found her body four miles off the coast. >> the whole group is still in shock and we made the announcement to our workshop when we started today and everybody was really taken about it. really sad. >> they describe her at a bright light, one who motivated and inspired others. >> she told me once that aside from her family, her sons and her husband, that her spiritual development or her spiritual journey was the most important thing in the world to her. >> that trail she was on was the
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same trail where last month's 37 hikers were trapped and eventually rescued. the family has not finalized funeral arrangements. >> tragic story. thank you so much. it's at least one state lawmaker gets her way anyone who smokes marijuana won't be allowed to drive even if they only have traces of the drug in their ask. proposed legislation would give police a power to issue a dui to anyone with canniba noise in their system while driving. the bill is known at ab 2552 last month. the new hot item for thiefs? laundry soap. not just any detergent by tide. police across the country are baffled by the crime wave. theft of stooid laundry detergent has become so rampant
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some cities are setsing up special task forces. one thai thief stole $25,000 of the product before being arrested. the police say the retail price of tide is considerably higher. $10 to $20 a bottle and popular among households andevhi t escan resell it and sometimes he resell it to stores. theory is getting sued. a man is taking. toll court for false advertising. he boat an iphone 4 s last fall and isn't activated with the company's voice assistant. they say the company misleads people about thecaecapabilities of the iphone. the lawsuit was filed today in federal court. it may be one of the hottest start jumps of the year but this social networking website is about similar missity. this is unique because the explosion of users is generated
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by women, business and tech reporter scott budman shows us why is behind the surge. welcome to the fastest-growing social network you may not know yet. >> this is the newest phenomenon of substance in social media. >> palo alto based pintriss is a foe toll sharing website where two-thirds of its visitors are women. >> any of us at a bookmarking site. where you're basically marking your images and shares with people. >> because itin rates conversation about products business and wall street are watching, too. >> for the month of february they had over is 00 million total visits. this site continues to see phenomenal growth. >> although the site's megs is to, quote, connect everyone in the world with the thing they find interesting, it clearly had huge, word of mouth advertising potential. >> if i say, this is the
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greatest pisa that i ever had. what i took it or iflt comes off the website, i told you the whole story. >> if it only were that simple for the founders to make money. the company operates the website with a handful of employees. virtually no revenue and no p prof profit. a picture that might change if millions continue to flock to the site. >> similar to gaming juggernaut zinga. they say the user grew by 60% in the month after it was integrated into the website in january highly unusual site near the beaches of pert australia. dozens of sharks having a feeding frenzy. they were joined by bronze whalers and if you look closely you can see the fish jumps out of the water. the beaches were closed for
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several hours. >> here's rob mayeda to see how it's looking. >> a lot of wind and rain. the coastal mountains have rain. look at temperatures. mild outside. 50s out there and this is thanks to the southerly winds. warm air surging in from the south so our temperatures tonight not too chilly but the windows will be rattling around. southeast at 21 into oakland and will likely see the winds throttling up into about 35 miles an hour. the rain, on the north coast and the santa cruz moun daps and moisture is being slammed, forcing it to rise up and bring us light to moderate rain from highway 17 sum 34mitt cruz. the line of showers and heavy rain right into the north bay and the projections are that the north bay rain will stall. see what it will do for the next 24 hours. for the morning into the afternoon.
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mostly from the gold, gate bridge is where the heavier rain will be. scattered showers around the south bay and all the way to the evening, heavier rain hung up over the central bay area taking us to wednesday morning and we're seeing rain or more moderate to heavy rain push out of the north bay because this is the wettest part of the week. this is your wednesday commute. especially down to the south bay and central bay locations. early thursday, a brief break. you see another system dropping in as you go through thursday afternoon. the system stalls in the north bay. in the south bay, about half an inch or so in san jose, about three to four inches here in fact santa cruz mountains we sometimes see this. it's called a mountain rain shadow. you'll see plenty of wind in the south bay for tomorrow morning. our temperatures will be mild with a southerly breeze.
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temperatures close to 60 in san jose. 50s around san francisco and really, it's going to be the north bay that gets the bulk of the rain for tomorrow and early wednesday. then we'll see the brief break. this will cap in as we get to thursday and a much colder system dorops in. so for tomorrow and early wednesday, it will pack a punch in terms of colder air and as we get into the weekend, snow levels that could get as low as -- >> the storm door is stuck opened until monday of next week. >> it seems that way. >> thanks so much. >> coming up,i- wfii-fi at what cost? controversy over using homeless people to connect.
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the dream is a reality. b.a.r.t. will lead san jose to the rest of the bay area. the federal tran sis administration signed off on a
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$900 million pledge. supporters say it will mean fewer cars on the road and 3,000 jobs for the silicon valley. the extension from fremont is expected to be completed by 2016. >> wi-fi hot spots are a hot topic in the blogosphere because home lost people are being equipped with devices in austin, texas. a lab is behind the experimental program for the south by southwest text conference. people can log into one of the homeless 4g network and offer a donation. the recommend add moubt is to donate ask $2 for 15 minutes of use and the homeless people offering the wi-fi ticket cut of the profit, critics have been using their blogs to voice their concern about the epics of using humans as walking commodities. the 49ers. here's scott in the comcast sports newsroom.
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>> hi, janelle. 15 minutes can saver you money on car insurance. it can convince you to sign a wide receiver with a checkered past. a major free-agent splash. and the sharkies are desperate for a victory. will theat's next in sports.e? at's next in sport [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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hi everybody. call it the 49ers' version of march madness. they steal is headlines from hoops, pucks and spring training by signing one of the game's all-time greats and all-time biggest sideshows. randy moss worked out for the 9ers for 15 minutes and that was enough. they agree on a one-year deal. third all-time in receiving touchdowns. ninth in receptions but he's also 35 years old. didn't play any football last year and has a history of being a locker room wild card but both
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sides believe this is a good fit. >> something that their upside was something that i studied and looked at and evaluated. and coach harbaugh is a young, enthusiastic notion. a lot of things stood out to me and it was really a no brady biller -- a no-brainer for me to come in and play with the 49ers. i love the game and still think i can play at a high level and i'm very passionate about the game. >> to the pucks, sharks with a five-game losing streak trying to snap it in edmonton in the second period. marleau to joe thornton. asharks get a could open power play goals. dan boyle rezrektded by logan couture and they get their first one in the month of march, 3-2.
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hoops, jeremy lin's knicks trying to snap their own five-game slide in chicago. second quarter, lin from melo and then it's derrick rose and a nice cut and big-time throw down and he had a game-high 32 and the bulls win 104-99. stanford the number one seed will open saturday against hampton. the cardinals sit at 31-1 on the season across the bay. cal is looking at a number eighth seed in the raleigh region. the golden bears will take on iowa in the first round on sunday. giants beat the royals 2-1. both 8-3 in cactus league . play. we'll be right back.
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>> the high school panther band is on its way to new york city to perform in the st. patrick's day parade on saturday. the parade hosts between 150 and 200,000 marchers and more than 2 million spectators that line the parade route. the band startsal 10:00 a.m. pacific and a live stream of the event. and i think they're going to be some showers possible showers in new york city on saturday. we are going to have a lot of showers and you're in a parade this week also? >> the dublin showers. the seven-day forecast is actually not behaving like we think it would this time of year, wind and rain in the north bay and the front will stall in the north bay tomorrow. so we're looking at 2 to 3 inches north of the golden gate and showers around the south
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bay. wednesday will be the wettest day for the entire bay area and thursday a break and friday, more rain and then cold air coming in and here's our st. patrick's day parade forecast. saturday morning, thundershowers and possibly some small hail and show on the hilltops around the bay area. so this is the last full week of winter and it's trying to cram all of winter into one week. >> thanks so much, rob. >> and thanks so much for joining us. jay leno is next. good night. the word is swapportunity. can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut
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